Breakout 07

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It has been two weeks since Breakout07 so I might leave out a few details in this post, oh well 🙂 Breakout07 was a little festival type thing for 12 to 17 year old kids, who liked to send text messages to the number provided saying how they wanted to have sex with each other, make out with cute boy in blue shirt and other such horrid things 12 to 17 year old shouldn’t be saying!

When we got there a local 15 year old band was on stage as they had one a competition to open the show, at first their sound was great until I heard them singing Nirvana and the lead boy had not learned all of the lyrics. It was a bit of a train wreck if I ever did hear one, but I do give them props for having the balls to get up on stage in front of all the other kids and sing some songs you don’t really know.. reminds me of Australian Idol, but let’s not go there.

Horsell CommonMy first band of the night to shoot was Horsell Common, I’m sorry but I’ve never heard of this band I think I’m too old or just too tired to care? They did however play a good set that was poorly lit in a lot of parts of the stage so I really only shot the lead singer, he has some good facial expressions.

I watched the rest of their set back in the VIP adults area, free beers, chocolate, chips, finger food and plasma TV. Although we got stuck at a table full of stupid drunk groupies who were over 30 sucking up all the wine that was put out.Youth Group

Next was one hit wonders Youth Group, you may know them from the painful lets go kill ourselves version of Forever Young. This guy didn’t really want to be there and he said a few nasty things that flew over everyones head, the kids kept hitting these rather large beach balls on to the stage and his reply was “I don’t know what is wrong with you Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne managed to keep these off the stage” Swiftly after that a Duty Manager appeared in the media pit and got the balls taken away. I did enjoy the performance but grew tired of it 4 songs in as I just knew he would rather be at home with his feet up watching bad Sunday TV nursing a wine.

Gyroscope Next up was Gyroscope, I’ve seen these guys once before at another all ages event in Brisbane called Thank God It’s Over and they were much better at that. I do enjoy watching them play and perform because they like to jump and kinda move around stage with each other, but this night they seemed a bit tired but played on to the screaming crowd who lapped it all up.

Little Birdy

Little Birdy came to save the day! I love this band, Katie Steele has such a unique voice and flamboyant on stage personality. Every time I see this band I am never disappointed they are tight, energetic and get the crowd involved. They played a small selection of songs from all albums and the kids knew a lot of the words and sung along. I shouldn’t really write about these guys too much as they are my favourite band, but if you haven’t listened to them before I suggest checking out their Myspace page or download some songs they are well worth the time of day.

The Butterfly Effect Next up was a band I’ve seen at a few festivals in the past year, The Butterfly Effect. These guys always seem to put on a great show every time and this one was no different, great lighting and stage presence made for a fun shoot. I am still yet to hear them sing Beautiful Mine live but I’m not holding my breath, apparently they have only ever sang it a hand full of times. The gutarist still doesn’t have any another shirts he is always wearing the “Team Pudding” one, never ever seen him in a different one.Grinspoon

Last but not least was drug fucked band Grinspoon. Well Phil did seem drug fucked, he strutted out onto stage and pretty much ate the microphone on several occasions and stumbled around like he was about to pass out. I didn’t enjoy shooting this band and left after my three song quota, sorry if you like these guys but shit sober up before a crowd of 12 to 17 year old kids.

When we left the Brisbane Convention Centre foyer was full of Mums and Dads reading books and holding younger children who were sleeping waiting for brother or sister to come running out. I also strangly felt the need to buy an Optupre-paid mobile phone to keep my crew together….

Next: Kate Miller-Heidke, Paul Kelly, Good Charlotte and Justin Timberlake


Steely Cornerstone Funeral Patrol

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Steely DanSince my last post I’ve had a busy busy week, 4 gigs in one week in fact. Starting Sunday 16th September I ventured up for my first Brisbane Entertainment Centre gig [shooting] and it was none other than Steely Dan themselves, wait a minute.. who? Honestly I really don’t know much about them but you can find out more on Myspace.

For 50 somethings this was a great gig with good music and good vocals but for this 20 something I was ready to go after song number 2, yes I’ve had one to many rock gigs to appreciate the real 70’s rock.

Two nights later I was back in Fortitude Valley shooting at one of, if not, my favourite venue The Tivoli. This place has a great media pit [when there is one], great stage lighting and enough stage for a big band to get around on with ease. Tuesday 18th September brought Funeral For A Friend to town and with them a bunch of 15 to 19 year olds dressed in black jokingly taking “Myspace” pictures of themselves, surely these pimply faced myspace kids have better things to do with their time….? surely.

Obviously not as these two boys carried on for at least ten minutes loudly joking “oh let’s take another Myspace picture?!” Hey boys you’re dick heads! ok what were we talking about.. oh right emo bands!

So Funeral For A Friend’s banner lowered from the heavens and the crowd cheered with glee, this band brought with them great stage presence and really good lighting. Being from Wales in the United Kingdom and us being in Queensland he shared with us his annoyance with the Queen of England, I don’t think the kids got it but I had a laugh at least. I don’t know any of their songs and didn’t really listen but I got some pretty good shots and kind of enjoyed the shoot more than I thought.

And sorry if you are emo I really don’t hate you, you just annoy me with your love for boy bands in black.

Next night I was back at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre but this time it was Snow Patrol Wednesday 19th September! As I’m now a seasoned photographer of the BEC [haha] I knew which train to get and where to go, if only Security weren’t so stupid and daft! As expected most of the punters were sporting Kasabian tour shirts or Cold Play shirts to show their love for the UK pop scene my only thought was “What about Robbie” honestly who cares, we were there for Snow Patrol!

These guys know how to bring on the stage lighting [I love lighting can’t you tell] Bright greens, blues, whites and my not so favourite red! Everything just seemed to shine and glow as they appeared on stage, huge screens appeared from the background but I had no idea what they said as I was too close to the stage.

I knew the first song “Eyes Open” but the next two failed to register, still this was a great to be shooting.

There was good use of the smoke machine and the cool lights that make a starburst from behind the singer [my fave] There was good action from all members of the band and the crowd really seemed to get involved!

You can find a different photo of Snow Patrol in this weeks RAVE Magazine the one printed is not found on Flickr.

By the time Friday 21st September rolled around I was feeling it but I had to be back in Fortitude Valley to see Cornerstone Roots at The Zoo. New Zealand reggae represent! I have not much to say about this gig but “who let the dreads out ‘mon?” The place was high as a kite and infested with hair roaches [kidding!] I was molested down the front by some tiny white chick obviously mistaking me for a guy and another hitting my camera bag. I shot one and a half songs and I left, the end!

Coming Soon: Little Birdy*, Breakout 07*


Rock, Datarock!

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated and since then I’ve shot Norwegian rockers Datarock for Rave Magazine.

These guys all like to wear matching Track Suits with their band name emblazoned down the sleeves and pant legs, makes it hard to pick out who is who in the band unless you are the bass player and you are the size of a flea!

The band started out with a tune from BMX Bandits and I’m sure a lot of the crowd had no idea what it was, myself included maybe I should buy this old Kidman classic and see what the retro fix is all about.

The band came out on stage with hoodies up over their heads bouncing around like boxers ready to take on an opponent and launched into song! The downside being a photographer at this gig was the energy, no pit area to be safe in and the red lights on red Track Suits were great. They did have a few white lights positioned really poorly beside the two main singers and they came on at many different intervals, so when they went dancing around puling moves and jumping it was all missed due to poor lighting and me still boycoting external Flash.

I did manage some decent shots though, one of which was printed in this weeks Rave Magazine and in full colour too! I’m pretty stoked about that as I haven’t seen many Rave photos in full colour before, I wish they would it with all photos printed as it makes them more attractive to the eye.

I won’t be shooting Job For A Cowboy Friday night as I have a back injury from work so I am having a few days off. Should be shooting Steely Dan on Sunday night I’ve also been confirmed to shoot Funeral For A Friend on Tuesday night and Snow Patrol on Wednesday night !

Also on another note, I have an Australian designer starting to work on my website next week. It’s been a long time coming but I believe after a year of shooting I have enough material that I should finally get one together and present my services to the public. It swill be professional, fresh, sleek and different to all the music photographers websites out there.

Coming Next: Steely Dan + Funeral For A Friend + Snow Patrol

Ice Ice Baby

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Friday 24th August was Ice Cube @ The Arena, only a knuckle head would be so misguided to think this place was not going to be full of white guys with black soul and something to prove. Sure enough no sooner had I got to the Globe there was a fight up ahead outside The Arena, fucking hell. Everyone was pretty much pissed and wanting to fight the nearest object, and as The Arena was full of smoke and over crowded you were certain to bump into someone who you for sure smack your face in.

I’m not sure who the support was as I pretty much got there 15 minutes before Ice Cube got on stage, the people at the front were nice enough and didn’t punch me or hurl abuse [that I could hear anyway]

Ice Cube had good lighting but not goo enough to shoot fast enough to catch him as he bounced all over the stage spitting out his rhymes, I got a lot of shots where I’ve got half his face or missing the top of his head he just wouldn’t keep still! Even when he chatted to the audience he was still all over the place. After his second song the place got hot like an oven from everyone jumping and for sure pushing each other about, but it was surprisingly easy to exit the pit area everyone stepped out of my way… how polite!

On exiting The Arena there was a few people being led out by a very large security guard and a little further down were the Police with their wagon complete with screaming-hand-cuffed -drunk-bitch and off-his-face-boyfriend/sleeze. The Valley is so full of colour and life once it’s had a few drinks and spoiled it’s liver.

Next Time: Job for a Cowboy and Steely Dan

Upcoming Gigs and Print

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A couple of gigs lined up so far which are

Friday 24th August at the Arena is Ice Cube, hopefully I wont get rolled of my gear! lol

Friday 14th September at the Arena again is Job for a Cowboy, now these guys say on their myspace that they are Metal/Death Metal/Progressive have no idea what they are growling about but I’ll need some good ear plugs for this one!

Sunday 16th September at Brisbane Entertainment Center is Steely Dan, my first BEC gig and it’s for Steely Dan lmao From the photos on the website the lighting looks nice.

Got one of my I Heart Hiroshima photos printed in Rave this week, go grab yourself a copy if you haven’t already. Tegan & Sarah are touring in December I need to listen to their music ’cause apparently all us gay women do [I’m out of the loop here seriously!]

I found a girl on myspace by the name of Alex Parks a few weeks ago she was on this British talent show and came first, I read she is from Cornwall England and had recently been out to Australia. She sounds alright but I’d rather hear some more original works as there are a lot of covers floating around Youtube from the show, hopefully she will make it back to Australia and do some shows.

Next time: Ice Cube


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So I went out Friday 17th to shoot Car Park Carnage at the Jubilee Hotel by myself as Rachel had to work late [’til 1am] I’ve been to the Jubilee before but it was inside and upstairs where as this time it was out the back under a tent, I knew from previously seeing Blowhard at Overcranked that they were a ska band so this should be ska type gig right? Wrong. I was a punk gig guys and girls getting around in old denim sporting mow hawks, tattoos, safety pins and old docs and they were all drunk off there tits. Great!

So I stood in the corner minding my own business until 9 man band Blowhard finally squished onto the very small stage, having no set list or idea what was going on as the lead guy was so smashed they played whatever the drummer decided on playing. Two songs in the punks decided to start a circle pit of pushing, shoving, kicking, punching and falling down I stood a few pushes in the back until they got quite rowdy and I decided to head for a safe spot to sit until The Disables set up and took the stage.

As the EKKA was on there were some tents set up with mechanical bull rides and a covers band the bistro area was closed but still available to sit in and walk through so this is where I took cover and bought myself a coke [hard core] There an argument at the bar over spilled drinks and a few guys who tried to chat me up, bloody drunks.

So after a while I go back out to the tent and find The Disables are ready to go, I head down to the front of stage and start shooting. This band is no good to shoot with a 50mm lens but the lighting wasn’t great so that is what I had to use! Not even half way into the first song the crowd is more drunk and more spastic than ever, a bigger circle pit and this time a guy climbing onto the small stage and stage diving onto unsuspecting victims! I was kicked and pushed and in a moment of disbelief a guy and his swinging bourbon rained down upon the people, me and my 30D I copped it right in the eyes. It stung and I was blinded for a moment and that’s when I’d had enough and walked off to the back of the crowd cleaning up my face and camera.

I got angry and went back to my little dark bar in the bistro where I cleaned up a bit more and sat waiting for the Dreamkillers apparently this band was one to see. About 10 minutes after I take a seat I hear this almighty crash and then some girl screaming bloody murder, a bar brawl had broken out in the small room beside me, smashing and crashing and screaming was happening and then one of the guys who was talking to me at the bar earlier came running out with a torn shirt. I thought it was over until the girl started to scream again and I poked my head back to look and they were all punching and kicking each other and they fell my way! As I jumped up to grab my gear I heard the bouncers screaming to close the doors to lock them in and I left. As I got onto the street there were cops everywhere [they move fast in the Valley] I was scared to be alone and got to the train station fast to be with the security guy who has the massive black dog.

Fuckin’ Punks.

Sunday night saw Rachel and I at the Troubadour to see US band City on Film, but it wasn’t a band it was just one guy. As this was a Rave gig I only turn up for the main act as they don’t need the supports but we caught the end of The Paper and the Planes who sounded not bad, a bit Evermore Rachel said and they had a big audience. City on Film came on it was just one guy, middle of stage with his guitar “Hi thanks for coming, this is City on Film” right then I took about 27 photos and left I love quick gigs especially since it was at 10:30pm.

I have nothing confirmed to shoot yet but should in the coming days, I’ve had the flu and have been feeling flat so last weeks gigs were more of a burden than anything else I’ve had no real drive to go shoot. I think I need somethig with more status, sometimes the little bands just don’t inspire me and give me that drive to want to shoot.

I Heart Hiroshima

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IHHSo I went to shoot The Mint Chicks on Tuesday night at the Step Inn in Fortitude Valley, we got told doors open at 8pm first band to go on around 8:30pm. I thought it was one support I Heart Hiroshima and then Mint Chicks, but it was three supports IHH and Mint Chicks. Rachel and I sat in the gaming room for a good hour or so waiting for I Heart Hiroshima to take to the stage, almost 3 hours later they go on!

Cue the worst lighting in the world, broken glasses all over the floor in front of stage and the worst dressed crowed in the entire universe! I shot with my 24-70 f2.8 to try it out and it was shocking so I switched over to my 50mm f1.8 which was a little better I really could have gone for a f1.4 this night! As the drummer in this band is highly animated I wanted heaps of photos of her but at the start of the show she pushed the light away from her leaving her partially light down her right side [my left]


So I knelt in front of the stage [in god knows what my leg was wet] with my 50mm and shot away, as I have an Extreme III there was no lag what so ever on rapid fire! After a while I thought I’d attach my 70-200mm to try get a bit closer, alas the lighting wasn’t good enough for my f2.8 IS I ended up shooing on 8/100 at 1600ISO the result was so craptacular it hurt on many levels!

After finishing shooting and feeling let down yet again by lighting I decided to call it a night, I wasn’t going to use my flash on The Mint Chicks and the place was getting smelly and hot. So in the end I only shot one band out of five, what a disappointment!

I am hoping Friday night Car Park Carnage at Jubilee the lighting will be up to standards so I can get some nice photos.

Next Time: Car Park Carnage · Andrew Morris · City On Film [US]